Work From Home Nurse Jobs

Find out what work from home nurse jobs are all about. Where to get these dream work at home medical jobs.

Work from home nurse jobs are usually offered to registered nurses by insurance companies or companies that handle telephone triage.

Telephone Triage

This is when a nurse fields health care questions from patients over the phone. A local hospital or some other medical organization will set up a help line. People call this number when they find themselves faced with a medical situation they don't know how to handle. The telephone triage nurse makes a clinical assessment and directs the person to appropriate medical care.

Doctors in private practice will also use telephone triage services to take their calls outside of office hours.

This can be as rewarding as a more "hands-on" nursing career while being less physically and emotionally demanding. It's a good option for a nurse who is getting older and finds that the physical demands of the job are beginning to take a toll. Or for a young RN who has developed a physical challenge but who still wants to use her skills.


  • Active RN license in the nurse's state of residence

  • Dedicated home office with a door, a phone, and a high speed internet connection.

  • Several years of clinical experience including pediatrics and adults

  • Experience using triage and Windows software
  • It goes without saying that you need top notch communication and people skills. If you speak more than one language, that will be looked upon favorably by potential employers.

    To find telephone triage work from home nurse jobs:

    Type "telephone triage services" or "triage call centers" into a search engine search box. This will give you pages of these companies. Click on each web site.

    Once you arrive at the company home page, click on the "careers" or "employment" link and follow the instructions for applying.

    click here

    Case Management

    Insurance companies hire RNs to telecommute as case managers.

    Case managers need a pretty extensive knowledge of the plans offered by the insurer they work for. They must manage patients' network participation and transfers to alternative levels of care, review that care against established coverage guidelines review criteria, and conduct admission and post- discharge reviews.

    Qualifications for case management positions:

    Each insurance company will have its own specific list, but the following seem to be standard in the industry.

  • An active RN license in the state where you will be practicing.

  • Prior clinical experience

  • Ability to work independently

  • Valid drivers license and dependable transportation
  • If you are bilingual, have a BSN or Bachelors and experience working with Medicare, Medicaid, or health plans this will give you a leg up on your competition.

    To find these work at home medical jobs , go to the web site of any large health insurer and click on Careers. Search the jobs database for case management nurse. A quick reading of the description will tell you if the position you are looking at is a telecommute job.

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