The Truth About
Work at Home Assembly Jobs

Straight talk about work at home assembly jobs from someone who has done assembly at home work for several years. What you need to know to assemble products at home successfully and avoid the scams.


Kelly, Richard
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I have been working from home for more than 15 years now and I know for a FACT that you can make money from home.

I also know that most people who are looking for a work at home job are really looking for a no work from home job. What they are really looking for is a way to earn a living without doing much.

There is no way to do that.

I don't mean to be rude but I told you I was going to tell you the plain truth about assembly work at home jobs. This is it.

There are legit assemble work at home jobs and there are fake home assembly companies.

What are good home assembly jobs?

There are 3 things you need to look for in a good assembly work at home job:

  1. A company that is honest and pays promptly when the work is done to standard.

  2. A craft or product you can make really, really well.

  3. A product you enjoy making enough to make a lot of them.

There are 2 ways to make money assembling products at home. You can find local craft business people to work with or you can order a craft kit from a home assembly company online and mail the finished items back to them.

When I was doing work at home assembly jobs making teddy bears and women's clothing, I was subcontracting for local businesses.

The upside to doing it this way is that I was working with people I saw and spoke to on a regular basis. I also did not need to buy a kit to make the items. They were willing to take the risk of sending me home with their (expensive) materials after meeting me in person.

The downside is that I was always working against a deadline.

These craft businesses had orders to fill. The products I was assembling had been ordered by shops all over the country. Store owners have very specific dates by which they need to receive their orders.

By working for 2 companies at once, I obtained all the home assembly work I could manage. I never got around to trying out any of the companies you order kits from.

I did do some asking around about them and I looked several of them up online to see what people who have worked with them have to say.

Most of them get mixed reviews.

There are some home crafters who will rave about any assembly company you name while others will slam it as a scam.

Same company. Different crafters.

I have developed a theory about why this happens:

I think a lot of people think craft assembly at home is an easy way to make a few bucks. I think people look at the craft item, say "I can knock out tons of those quickly" to themselves and order a kit.

When the kit arrives, they assemble the items to the best of their limited abilities and return them to the company expecting payment.

The craft company inspects the items and rejects them. The crafter, not realizing that their work was poor, begins to mistrust the craft company.

Are Assembly Jobs
Work at Home You Can Do?

New Home Paris, 1900

New Home Paris, 1900
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Craft assembly is not unskilled labor. If you do not have several years of experience making crafts, you may have a difficult time at this.

Match the assembly work at home job to your skill set. If, like me, you have lots of sewing experience; pick a craft that is sewn together. I would never attempt to make money assembling wooden crafts as I have 0 experience in this area.

The Best Way to Make Money from a Work at Home Assembly Job

Look for a company selling kits for a craft you think you is really nice. Something you would buy yourself. The less expensive the finished item is, the better.

Buy the kit, make the crafts and sell them yourself.
You could try returning them to the company first, if you want. But you will make more if you sell them on your own. Even if you sell the crafts at wholesale prices to a local shop. This is what the craft company would be doing. They have to pay you less than the wholesale price in order to make a profit.

If you sell them at a retail craft show, you will pocket a lot more money.

The Best Work at Home Assembly Job

The company I think most people will make the biggest profit working with is Disciple's Cross.

The finished crosses appeal to Christians of all denominations and ages. They can be worn by both sexes. This gives you the largest possible market.

Another plus is that the crosses are fairly easy to learn to make and they can be sold for $5 wholesale or $10 retail.

I have heard that they sell well at craft fairs and to Christian book stores. If you don't plan to sell them back to the company, you can customize them.

Putting your own creative spin on the design will make your crosses sell more briskly at fairs and you will have more fun making them.

Work at Home Assembly Jobs
Profit Potential

I'll stick with the Disciple's Cross example to make my point but what I am about to say applies to any make-at-home craft.

If you can sell the crosses for $10 each and they cost you $1.50 to make that gives you a profit of $8.50 on each unit sold.

If you sell 75 crosses at a craft show, that puts $637.50 in your hand before you subtract show expenses. Even if you only do 1 show per month and do not sell any crosses back to the company or sell to local shops, you would earn a nice supplemental income.

If you did all of the above, you would make much more than this. Your income from work at home assembly jobs is only limited by the amount of time and effort you are willing to expend.

If you would like to buy a catalog of good home assembly companies, click hereClick Here

It is much more extensive than anything else I have seen and includes the information you really need to decide which work at home assembly jobs will suit you.

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