Starting A Soap Making Business To Market Your Home Made Beauty Products

Starting a soap making business from your home is easy.

It doesn't take much in the way of tools or equipment to get started on a small scale. A couple hundred dollars worth of tools will start you off. Maybe you're already making homemade soap as a hobby and you have these.

The other thing you need is the ingredients that will go into the soaps, lotions, body butters or bath salts you want to make. How much you pay for these will depend on where you buy them and whether you pay retail or wholesale prices.

Don't buy in bulk until you've developed and thoroughly tested a recipe. You don't want to end up with tons of something that you decide to discontinue using after further testing.

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How much time goes into making homemade soap?

Like a crock pot dinner, making homemade soap takes a long time. But this is only because it takes a long time for the bars to dry.

You can prepare the recipe and get enough to make a hundred bars into molds in about an hour (expect it to take longer when you first start).

It will be two days before you can take it out of the molds and cut it into bars. Then it has to dry for a month before it's ready to package and sell.

You can't rush the drying process as this would have a negative effect on the quality and longevity of the soap. At $5-$7 a bar, your customers will expect the highest quality natural soap you can deliver into their hands.

The hands-on part of this operation may take you 3-4 hours total. That's for 100 bars.

How many hours can you devote to starting a soap making business?

If you can invest 8 hours per week--not per day--per week, you can produce 200 bars of soap. At $5 each that's $1,000 gross. If you invested $200 in ingredients, you will have $800 in profit once the soap is sold.

Can you see the profit potential of starting a small handmade soap business?

How To Market Your Home Made Beauty Products

This is not difficult. You just have to have an effective marketing plan.

By effective, I mean profitable. You don't want to waste money on sales efforts that don't work.

Five Steps To Home Based Soap Business Success:

  • The handmade soap market is very competitive. In order to make good sales month after month you must set your brand apart. So develop and perfect a unique product.

    The way your soap is packaged can make or break your business as well. Look at lots of spa products when planning your is a good site to check out to see what I mean.

  • Get good instruction. Purchase a book or video about soap making.

    Debbie McCormack, the woman who owns Voda works out of her New Haven, CT home. She never planned on starting a soap making business. She says on her website that her business started when, "Over ten years ago I purchased an intriguing book on the art of soapmaking..."

    Jenny Isaacs, owner of 8th Street Soap Kitchen says in an interwiew, "I've always liked making things. But I can't sew; I can't draw. So, I picked up a beginner 'how to make soap' book."

  • Put up a website.

    In an interview for Debbie McCormack attributes 90-95% of her retail store sales to her website. She never looked for this business, it found her via her web presence.

    There's a page on her site listing all the stores Voda Soap is sold in(about 20). I'd say putting up a website paid off big for Ms. McCormack!

  • Work the local fairs and farmer's markets.

  • Try to get your customers to give you their email address so you can build a list. Then you can notify them of special promotions you have. Just don't spam them. A successful home based soap business is built on repeat sales.
  • Starting a soap making business is quite doable if you have good instruction and a workable plan.

    Soap Making for Profit

    Soap Making for Profit is an ebook that will help you quickly turn your soap making hobby into a profitable home business. The advice the book offers is down-to-earth and very doable. If you want to earn money by starting a soap making business, you need this information.

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