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Start Your Own Candy Bouquet Business with this easy step-by-step Guide

5 things you must know before starting a craft business. Don't start a home based craft business without this information. 5 ingredients of a successful craft business. Starting a home craft business.

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Teddy Bear Workshoppe

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  1. Success in the craft business requires long hours. I've never known anyone who made a living from a craft work from home business working at it part time. Every successful craft business owner I know works at least 8 hours per day. Most work more.

    You can make money with crafts working just a few hours a week but I don't think you should expect to earn enough to pay all your living expenses if this is what you plan to do.

  2. The craft business is competitive. There are a lot of handmade crafts for sale in the marketplace. Your craft will have to be unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Just making cookie-cutter copies of other people's best selling crafts won't cut it.

  3. You will need to be versatile. Successful craft businesses are run by people who are creative enough to produce a unique product and business-minded enough to market it properly.

    Potter at Work on Wheel at Rustic Fayre, Devon, England, United Kingdom
    Potter at Work on Wheel at Rustic Fayre, Devon, England, United Kingdom

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  4. People who make money making crafts are good managers of both time and people. See Moms Who Work from Home for some good time management tips. As your home craft business grows you will need help producing enough crafts to keep up with all the orders. (Especially if you are selling crafts wholesale .) You will have to get your family on board and may even need to work with a couple of independent subcontractors.

    Good people skills will only benefit you in starting a craft business.

  5. Finally, in making crafts to sell,you need to know which crafts sell the best. Dusty Foster's ebook, Crafts to Make and Sell will provide you with this exact information.

    Dusty has more than 30 years experience in the hand made craft business. Her book will tell you everything you need to know about selling your crafts.

    After you download the book, pay particular attention to the section on using keyword tools to identify best selling crafts on the Internet.

    In my opinion, this section is worth the price of the ebook (under $20) all by itself.

    Even if you do not plan to sell your crafts online (I would strongly urge you to reconsider this) you can use keyword research tools to help you compare the size of the market for one craft versus another.

    Very few craftspeople understand this and it is a hugely important aspect of market research. Gaining an understanding of how to use keyword research tools will give you an edge on your competitors and save you the pain and expense of learning the size of your market through trial and error.

    Download the ebook. It will be the best $19.95 you've ever spent.

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