Make Money Selling Crafts
Selling Your Crafts for Profit

How to make money selling crafts on the Internet. Can you make a living selling at craft shows? How much can you make selling handmade crafts. Should you start a home craft business?

Selling crafts at a craft show. This is a small show held in a school gym but sales are being made.

Notice the bags shoppers are carrying. A lady in the foreground has her wallet out.

Selling handmade craft items is a very enjoyable work from home opportunity. A home craft business will allow you to spend your days absorbed in your favorite hobby.

Turning that hobby into a revenue-generating, bill-paying business is what this page is all about.

There are many different ways of making money with crafts. How you go about it will primarily be a lifestyle choice dictated by your personality and your need for cash.

Selling Crafts Online

This is an excellent way for a homebody to make money selling crafts. The whole operation from product creation to packing orders is done from your home office or kitchen table.

The only time you will have to leave the house is to run your orders over to the post office. Or maybe, if you're like me, you'll get your spouse/business partner to do this.

How Lucrative is Selling Crafts on the Internet?

This depends on what you are selling, how good a job you do of pricing your crafts to sell, and how well you match your online craft selling efforts to your customer base.

If you are producing collectibles, you might do better if you sell your crafts on eBay than on Bonanzle. eBay is well known by and popular with collectors.

If you produce one-of-a-kind specialty items, you might gain more traction on Etsy or DaWanda as people who like those sorts of crafts tend to look for them there.

If you are making popular crafts, and marketing them on the right websites (and no, you don't need your own website when you are just starting out) there is only one more thing you will have to do well in order to sell your crafts online: You will have to write good, traffic pulling titles and descriptions for your listings to help your crafts get found by the people who want to buy them.

If you master these things in addition to producing a quality, popular craft item, you can make a full-time income selling handmade crafts online.

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Selling at Craft Shows

I'm just going to talk about retail craft show selling here. Wholesale craft shows are much more lucrative but also much more expensive and difficult to get into. Craft trade shows are not the best option for all craftspeople and they are certainly not for beginners.

Conversely, there is a retail craft show for everyone who wants to sell handmade crafts.

Once again, in order to make craft show sales, you will need to match your craft to the type of show you book space in.

Different craft fairs attract different crowds.

Craft Show Tips:

Don't try to sell higher priced crafts (over $50) at church bazaar or flea market type craft shows. These kinds of shows attract bargain hunters. Crafts selling for less than $20 will sell better at these shows.

Flea Market, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Flea Market, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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Kober, Christian
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Anything except a juried craft show will be easy to get into. Another exception to this would be an art craft show.

If you are producing fine art pottery, prints, posters or metalwork, art craft shows will be the most appropriate and profitable area craft shows in which to sell your crafts and meet the well-heeled collectors in your niche.

Patterns in Ebony I
Patterns in Ebony I

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Mallett, Keith
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How Profitable is Selling Crafts at Fairs?

There are craftspeople who make their entire living this way but, to be frank, these are in the minority.

If the bohemian craft fair lifestyle appeals to you and you did a show every month, you could reasonably expect to earn $20,000-$30,000 per year.

A young couple--by young I mean not old enough to retire--with no other income who will have to pay for private medical insurance, will probably not be able to afford to pursue this lifestyle.

But doing the craft show circuit could be the perfect retirement job for an older couple looking to supplement their social security and/or pension income and have a lot of fun in the process.

Kitchen Table Retirement Planning
Kitchen Table Retirement Planning

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This is why so many of the couples you see selling crafts at fairs are retirees. The shows give them an excuse to make the crafts they love and a way to make anything from a few hundred to a couple thousand extra dollars per month.

Doing the circuit gets them out of the house and allows them to interact with lots of people and make new friends from all over the country.

It is very easy for crafters over 62 to begin. Just build up enough inventory for a show and book a show within easy driving distance of your home. This will be a learning experience. Consider any sales you make at your first craft show a bonus.

To young couples (I keep saying couples because this is not a lifestyle that will usually work for families with school-age children or for single people because you need 2 people to do a show) who want to make a living selling crafts, I would suggest selling wholesale in addition to doing retail shows.

One of the successful craft business owners I did production work for, made enough sales doing retail shows and selling her clothing wholesale to specialty shops to replace her husband's $70,000 per year income.

She never did a trade show. She would wear her designs while shopping in the kind of stores that sell what she makes. Store owners would approach her wanting to know where she bought the clothes.

Clothing and Souvenir Shop, Arles, Provence, France
Clothing and Souvenir Shop, Arles, Provence, France

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If your craft does not lend itself to this approach, try placing it in consignment shops. Keep careful records if you decide to go this route. You will need to check back with the shops often to see what has sold and make sure you've been paid for it.

If an item sits for a long time without selling, swap it out for something different.

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