Places to Sell Crafts

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Places to sell crafts online and off. Where to sell your crafts for the biggest sales. How to find good craft fairs to sell arts and crafts at. Should you sell your crafts on eBay?

Places to sell crafts--an antique mall.

Online Auction Sites

eBay is still one of the best outlets for making money with crafts online. eBay sellers have been doing a lot of complaining lately about the higher fees that eBay has instituted but most of them are not switching to alternative sales sites for 1 simple reason: eBay is a household word.

It is the go-to site for buyers looking for crafts and collectibles.

It is a very competitive marketplace but you will make more sales on eBay than you will on a smaller, less well known, less trusted site. is an eBay alternative. It is not an auction site but an online store. I've listed it here because so many eBay sellers are moving their inventories to it.

The atmosphere at Bonanza is more laid back than at It is more of an online community.

The standards are not as high here.

That is both good and bad. If you are new to selling crafts online, you will find it easier to manage your sales here. But the customer experience often suffers.

I was thinking about becoming a Bonanza seller, but first I wanted to find out what the buying experience was like so I ordered something.

Would you believe that the seller invoiced me 3 months later?

By then I had changed my mind. I had also done some research on this site. Apparently, I am not the only buyer who had this type of experience.

Allowing this kind of seller behavior will not help this site compete with eBay. I decided not to list my items here but they have improved their customer experience since I conducted this experiment. I would give them another look if I still wanted to sell handmade crafts on the Internet. charges $8 per month for a verified membership. With that you get to list an unlimited number of items sans listing or final value fees.

Places to Sell Crafts
Online Stores

For those who wish to make a full-time income selling crafts, your own website is the best option by far. But for part-time crafters, it doesn't make sense to go to the expense or trouble of learning to create and maintain a successful website.

If you are just starting out in the hand made craft business and don't yet know how far you want to take selling crafts online, explore one of the following options:

  • You can open an eBay store for as little as $15 per month. This is how a teddy bear artist I used to do production work for makes her online sales.
  • has become well known as the place to go online for handmade items. You can sell your handmade crafts, craft supplies or vintage finds here. At 20 cents, the listing fees are high for inexpensive items but the 3.5% total sale fee is low. Etsy welcomes sellers from both inside and outside the U.S.
  • aiaca, All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association, helps Indian craftworkers to sell crafts hand made in India to mainstream craft markets.

Earn Great Money Selling Beautiful

Candy Bouquets

Places to Sell Crafts
Finding Craft Shows

Festival Network Online lists art and craft shows and fairs.

They also offer advice about selling your crafts at shows.

Basic membership is free.

Other Places to Sell Crafts will search engine optimize your listings so that they have a better chance of being found by shoppers.

Craftsfaironline is a craft directory which will direct traffic to your website or web page., lending, borrowing, personal loans

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Dusty Foster's Craft Ebook

If you dream of earning a comfortable living with a home based craft business, Dusty Foster's Crafts to Make and Sell will give you all the information you need to succeed.

Dusty has been running a profitable home craft business for 30 years. Her crafts sell all over the country and even internationally.

Her guide will tell you:

  • Which crafts sell and which don't.
  • Where to sell your crafts.
  • How to find the craft that's right for you.
  • How to make your crafts sell better.
  • How to use keyword tools to find out what crafts people are searching for online.

She even includes a long list of best selling crafts and patterns to make some of them!

At $19.95, Crafts to Make and Sell is an unbeatable value.

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