Non Emergency Medical Transportation Business

How To Start An Ambulette Service

Non emergency medical transportation is a big business that just keeps growing. With the elderly population of the United States set to double by 2030 there will only be greater demand for ambulettes services in the future.

What Are Ambulettes?

With its affordable start up costs and huge profit potential, non emergency medical transportation may be the best home based small business opportunity available to people of modest means right now.

What qualifications do I have to have to make my non emergency ambulance services successful?

You need to be well groomed and friendly. By well groomed, I do not mean that you need to be wearing a suit and tie every day. Clean jeans and a tee shirt displaying your company logo is fine.

What I'm trying to say is that you need to be pleasant to be around.

Ambulettes are not taxis. You won't just be pulling up in front of a house and tooting your horn. You will be going into the home (or doctor's office, nursing home, etc) and helping your passenger get from wherever they are into your van.

Once you get them to their destination, you'll have to assist them in getting into the building. Perhaps even delivering them to the proper location within the building.

Most of your passengers will be elderly people in various stages of health. To be successful in this industry, you have to like working with seniors and the disabled. You have to be comfortable in and around hospitals and nursing homes.

Patience, good manners and compassion will carry you a long way with elderly people.

If they like riding with you, not only will they give you all of their repeat business, but they will do a better marketing campaign for you than you could ever afford to pay for!

And they'll do it for free.

It's called word of mouth. Seniors talk. And, if you've ever been around elderly folk, you know that they mainly talk about their medical conditions. They tell each other what they like about their doctor or the nurses that help them. If they like you, they'll talk about you too.

They'll talk about you if they don't as well. So make sure they like riding with you.

Start Up Costs For Non Emergency Ambulance Services

You won't believe how inexpensive non emergency ambulance services can be to start!

Find out How to Operate a Million Dollar Transportation Business

This is an e book written by a man who started small and built his non-emergency medical transportation service into a high revenue generating business. Now, he has written the blueprint to success in this industry. If you want to make money with an ambulette service, you need this information.

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