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5 money making craft ideas for crafts that make money now. How to find easy crafts to make money selling. Learn the secrets to selling handmade crafts for money. Make money while having fun with crafts.

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When you want to make money with crafts you want ideas for today's best selling crafts. You don't want to read about crafts that used to sell. You want to know about crafts that sell now!

The 5 money making craft ideas on this page are current. These are crafts that will resonate with today's shoppers. If your execution of any one of these ides is good, they can all become top selling crafts for you.

  1. Beautiful, sweetly scented natural soap is very popular now because of the "green" movement. Everyone is moving toward natural products and away from chemicals and artificial ingredients.

    Also, women of "a certain age" are constantly battling dry skin and looking for gentle skin care products. This group will also spend more money on skin care than anyone else.

    Make your soap appeal to this market and you will have turned soap making into a money making craft. See Starting a Soap Making Business for more in-depth instruction if this is your path into the world of money making craft ideas.

  2. Custom mixed perfume oils and other scented body care products are all the rage currently. This is a very enjoyable business to run if you have a nose for it.

    Mixing unique and intoxicating fragrances is a talent that not everyone has. This is what makes the perfume oil business one of the best money making craft ideas for those who do.

    The main target market for scented body products is women of all ages. So start with them. Later, you can expand into products for men but market these products to the ladies as well. They will be the most likely buyers for these too as men are just beginning to experiment with these products.

    This makes this a craft business idea with great future potential. Learn more about starting an aromatheraphy home based business here.

  3. Make craft money trees. A crafts money tree will often be seen at wedding receptions or baby showers. It's an artificial "tree" made by anchoring a suitable branch into a flower pot and then decorating it with spray paint or ribbon.

    People who want to give money to the newlyweds or parents-to-be will clip it to the tree's branches using clothes pins. Or, if the tree is intended as a gift, the giver might tie the folded bills on with ribbon.

    People most often make these craft money trees themselves but not everyone is good at making crafts and lots of people simply don't have the time.

    If you can do a better job of it for not much more than they would have had to spend doing it themselves, I can't think of a better craft item to sell.

    Another idea which might turn this into a best selling craft is to use live trees.

    Start with an inexpensive and easy to grow tree in a quart or gallon pot. Transplant it into a decorative pot. The pot can be something recycled that you have decorated and personalized as well.

    Then trim it, bonsai style, into an open but still attractive framework to which money can be clipped. This makes an even better gift because once the recipient removes the money, they still have a beautiful potted plant.

  4. Start a sewing business making items out of recycled fabric. This is a very satisfying money making craft idea for the creative soul who does not want to make cookie cutter items where each one is exactly like all the others.

    Crafts made from recycled fabric will exhibit a great deal of natural variation even when made using the same pattern. This keeps making money from small crafts interesting. Also, the search for new fabrics is a treasure hunt that you will never tire of.

    To assemble a fabric stash, start with your own closet. Then raid the closets of all those near and dear to you. Next, move on to church rummage sales. They will often sell you a bag full of clothing for just a few dollars.

    Convert jeans into funky and fashionable denim skirts. (Search the Internet for free how tos.) Make tote bags out of just about anything imaginable. Cute summer hats that fold up and tuck into the totes is another idea for a make money craft. These are much easier to carry around than straw hats which don't fold and become problematic if it gets to windy to wear them.

  5. The last of my money making craft ideas is Adorable Baby Items.

    Please do not try to combine this with idea #4. Recycled fabric is not appropriate for children's items. Baby crafts should always be made from new materials.

    You can make baby bibs, tee shirts, hats, etc. You can either make these from scratch or buy the basic item wholesale and just decorate it. Just be sure to secure any decorations properly and avoid using anything that could pose a choking hazard.

    Your target market here is grandmothers, new moms, mothers-to-be, and anyone planning to attend a baby shower. If your items are unique and adorable, you will have no problem selling at craft fairs.

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