Magazines That Hire Freelance Writers

by guest author Jackie Masloff

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Magazines are a great source of jobs for freelance writers. Magazines that hire freelance article writers rely on them for a great deal of their content. Because there are so many magazines on the market, there are that many freelance writer jobs to obtain.

Freelance Magazine Writing

Once you start writing articles, just by having your own byline you will be promoting yourself to the public as a freelance writer. Just follow a few basic tips and you can find magazines that hire freelance writers.

One way that you can find magazines that hire freelance writers is to browse the magazines in your local news stand, drug store or supermarket. Although you should think about what you want to write, magazines typically hire freelance writers for feature articles, how-to articles, interviews, product or destination reviews and other types of articles.

You should also buy a copy of the “Writer’s Market” published on an annual basis by the Writer’s Digest. It has thousands of listing of magazines with information about the magazine, the audience of the magazine, how to submit articles and what they pay for articles.

There is a magazine for almost any subject you can think of. The book also has a web site ,, so you can view listings on line as well. Another good source of magazine listings is

It is important to read and know the magazine to which you want to submit an article or a query before the actual submission.

Freelance Writing for Magazine Editors

You will want to become familiar with the style, tone and editorial slant of the magazine as well as its audience so you will know what will interest its readers.

Purchase a copy of the magazine and read it thoroughly.

You should also find the specific editor’s name and information, so you can keep in contact with him or her regarding their specific editorial needs so you are on track to getting your submission accepted.

This information may also be posted on the magazine’s web site, so you can get up-to-date insights into what the magazine will be covering in upcoming issues.

Freelance Article Writing

Your first article can be something short to break into the magazine or a longer piece (most articles written for magazines are between 800 and 1500 words) that is not specific to a time frame. Regardless of the length, make sure your article is well-organized and well thought-out.

Editors look for strong openings and terrific conclusions in magazines that hire freelance writers.

Starting with small independent magazines may be a good way to get your submission accepted but you should really limit your options to magazines with good, stable editors who know the business.

Freelance Writing on the Internet

Magazines that hire freelance writers are available not only in print version but on the web as well as online magazines only.

They have the same needs as print publications and open the market tremendously for freelance article writing.

Freelance Writing Rates

Established newsstand magazines are considered to rank the highest of magazines in the industry. Submitting articles to them will not only give you more exposure but will pay better as well.

Payments run from several hundred dollars per article to royalties on the articles based on the number of magazines sold.

Magazines that are web-based can pay up to $2 a word.

Jackie Masloff is a freelance writer who specializes in writing original articles, web content and editing. When she is not writing, she teaches computer technology courses at several colleges in the Boston area. She previously was a public school teacher, teaching computer technology to middle and high school students. She holds degrees in architecture, computer science and instructional technology.

Writing for Money

Follow these suggestions for starting a freelance writing career and you will soon be writing for money.

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