Grant Writing Jobs

by guest author Jackie Masloff

Freelance grant writing jobs. How to become a grant writer. Grant proposal writing job description. Grant writer salary range.

Grant Writer Job Description

Many non-profit organizations do not have regular sources of income and so rely on people to write proposals for funds to private organizations and government entities to obtain funding for their programs or projects.

Grant writing is a specialty type of writing that is considered part of the profession known more often as fund raising.

How to Become a Grant Writer

A freelance grant writer should have some experience in marketing, public relations, or fund raising. But experience in social services, health education or other professions is even more helpful.

To become a grant writer you also need to be organized, articulate, conscientious and passionate about the organization and its mission for which you are writing the grant.

You need to be more than just a good writer to be successful at grant writing jobs. Professional grant writers must locate sources of funds that best match an organization through conscientious online and telephone research.

Quite often, an organization will look to its grant writer to help guide them through the process of submitting grants from start to finish.

Land that Grant Writer Job!

To find grant writer jobs, one option is to become a staff grant writer for one of the grant writing companies. Another is to work freelance from your home. In either situation, you will need to search online for grant writing jobs in your local community.

In order to secure grant writing jobs, you need to market yourself. If you have experience in writing grant applications, then you are a step ahead of the game. If not, then concentrate on your “transferable skills”.

Perhaps you were a teacher, experience that would be helpful in obtaining educational grant writing jobs. Or, if you have done volunteer work, that experience would helpful you to secure non profit grant writing employment. If you have volunteered to write a grant, so much the better.

Mention any experience you think would be helpful.

Grant Writer Salary

Larger organizations tend to have grant writers on staff who work full-time on site. You should start working with small organizations.

In this case, working out of your home could save the organization the expense of desk space and a computer.

You can either work for an hourly rate or on a per grant basis.

If you are just starting out, the salary range for grant writers jobs average about $15 to $20 an hour. An experienced grant writer can make upwards of $50 an hour.

Working on a per grant basis means that you are paid for working on the grant from beginning to end, apart from the number of hours spent.

Be willing to accept lower grant writer fees when lacking experience. Yet, on the other hand, do not be afraid to discuss getting a higher grant writer salary once a solid funding stream has been achieved for the organization.

Furthermore, be cautious of organizations that offer to pay grant writer commissions once is a grant is received. You should be paid grant writer fees for the time you spent researching and writing the proposal, whether or not the grant is ultimately funded.

If an organization really cannot afford to pay you, then volunteer to write the grant. The experience will pay off later.

There are many freelance grant writing jobs available if you do your research and learn how to look for them. It is worth the effort and can be most rewarding if you are passionate, articulate and organized, as well as a good writer.

Jackie Masloff is a freelance writer who specializes in writing original articles, web content and editing. When she is not writing, she teaches computer technology courses at several colleges in the Boston area. She previously was a public school teacher, teaching computer technology to middle and high school students. She holds degrees in architecture, computer science and instructional technology.

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