6 Easy Work at Home Jobs
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Six easy work at home jobs. Earn easy money with these reputable work at home jobs. Easy computer work at home. Easy work from home business ideas. Genuine work from home made easy.

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I'm going to list some of the easiest, most fun work at home jobs that you do not need a degree or any expensive, hard-to-obtain training to do.

Every job is easy until you have to do it. No job is easy for everyone. The jobs listed here are easy work from home jobs for specific types of people.

I will tell you what skills you need to perform each task so that you don't waste your time pursuing an easy work at home opportunity that just isn't right for you.

6 Easy Work from Home Jobs

#1 Data Entry Home Based Jobs

Data entry is easy work from home online for people who want to make money without ever leaving the house.

Skills needed for this easy money work from home job:

  • You need to be a quick and accurate typist.

  • You need to be pretty good at using a personal computer. Working online puts a laptop through a lot more wear and tear than surfing the net, believe me. You will need to be able to keep the machine you will be earning money on in good working order.

  • You need to be able to spend long periods of time sitting. Don't laugh, not everyone is cut out for this. If you're the type that can't sit still for long, this is not the easy work at home job for you.

  • #2 Earn Money Taking Online Surveys

    Surveys do not pay as well as data entry but these are super easy work at home jobs. You don't even have to be able to type.

    You just give your opinion about various products and services by filling out some forms online.

    I never made more than pocket change doing this but I do not have kids. All the survey companies seem to want the opinions of people who have children who still live at home. I don't think I fit their target demographic very well. If you are a better fit, you could make much more at this easy work at home job than I did.

    Skills needed to fill out online surveys:

    None. This is an easy work at home opportunity that anyone can take advantage of.

    #3 Work at Home Assembly Jobs

    Assembly at Home is a great work at home job for people who like to make things. If you enjoy working with your hands and have experience making jewelry or crafts, this could be the easy work at home opportunity for you.

    Skills needed to assemble products at home:

  • Flexible hands. If you have arthritis in your hands, you will have difficulty assembling crafts.

  • You will also need a clean work surface in your home where small children or pets will not have access to the items you are assembling.

  • This is piece work so you need to be able to work quickly in order to make good money at this easy work at home job.
  • Of all the craft assembly companies, Disciple's Cross is probably the easiest to work with. Their jewelry is also very appealing to Christians of all ages and easy to make and sell.

    #4 Selling Crafts

    Selling your own handmade crafts is not quite as easy as home assembly but it is more profitable. Instead of selling your crafts back to the assembly company at below wholesale prices, you will be earning 3-5 times the money for the same work by selling your own designs direct to the public.Skills needed to make and sell crafts:

  • You need to be good at working with your hands.

  • You need good eyesight.

  • You need to be creative. Unique items sell much more briskly than cookie cutter crafts.

    #5 Become a Secret Shopper

    This is the best easy work from home idea for people who like to get out of the house and shop!

    You go (undercover) into local stores and perform customer service evaluations. You act just like a normal customer, buy an item or maybe a meal, and go home.

    Then you submit an evaluation form to the mystery shopping company along with any receipts they ask for. They then reimburse you for what you purchased and pay you for the assignment.

    Most companies pay via PayPal but some issue checks.

    Skills needed to get easy work at home jobs doing mystery shops:

  • You need to be observant and detail oriented. The kind of person that notices eveything. You will also need to be blessed with excellent recall.

  • You need to be reliable. If you agree to do a shop on a specific day, the secret shopping company will expect you to do it on that day. They will also want the report within 24 hours of the completion of the assignment.

  • You need decent spelling and grammer skills. A small portion of each mystery shopping report is narrative. The mystery shopping company will be unimpressed by a report filled with spelling errors.

  • Start a Soap Making Business

    This is an easy work at home business even if you do not currently know how to make soap. Soap making is not hard to learn and it is so much fun.

    You can totally control the quality, look and scent of your handmade soap. You can concoct unique and delicious fragrances or craft a line of therapeutic soaps designed to treat various skin conditions.

    Skills need to make soap:

  • You must enjoy working with your hands.

  • You need a good nose. If you have no sense of smell, this is not the best work at home opportunity for you.

  • You will need a space in your home where you can leave the bars to dry.

  • You will need to be creative.

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    Global Data Entry Jobs

    My Data Teams Global Data Entry is a membership site for people who are really serious about making a living doing data entry jobs from home.

    You pay a one-time fee to join and gain access to data entry work assignments.

    My Data Teams claims that you can make $300 per day using their program. I think that although this may be possible, it is probably not typical. Most likely, only a small percentage of their members make this much.

    I think it would be much more reasonable for the average user to expect to make up to $1,500 per month with this program.

    What I like about My Data Teams is that they offer training in typing, transcription, research and word processing.

    Also, this is a global work from home program. You don't have to live in the United States to use it.

    These 2 features make it worth the one-time fee.

    Check it out.

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