Craft Show Tips
10 Tips for Craft Fair Success

Craft show tips and advice. 10 success secrets for capturing the craft show market. These craft fair survival strategies are sure to help you increase your sales and boost your business's bottom line.

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Craft Show Tips
The Logistics of Craft Show Success

  1. Bring a buddy. While it may be possible to do a craft fair on your own, it is inadvisable. Having an extra pair of hands and eyes will make the sale run more smoothly.

    You will not only need someone to help you carry all your crafts and craft show supplies from the car but to watch your booth during those times when you need to step away for a bathroom or snack break.

    Also, when sales are brisk, you don't want customers who are ready to pay waiting too long. You may lose them.

  2. Arrive early so you can be set up and ready to sell in plenty of time. It looks bad to prospective customers when you are still setting up 5 minutes after the show has opened.

    People who want to buy from you will just keep walking because they can see that you are not ready to wait on them.

    Give yourself half an hour more than you think you will need to set up your craft show display to allow for small mishaps.

  3. Make sure you understand what will be supplied by the craft fair promoter vs what you will need to bring.

    If you are doing an outdoor craft fair, are craft show tents or canopies being provided?

    Will electrical outlets be available? Do you need them?

    Craft Show Security Tips

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  4. Never leave your money or handmade crafts unattended. Not when you are setting up. Not during the show. Not after the show when you are breaking down your art craft show display.

    Not even in your hotel room.

    I don't mean to encourage paranoia but thieves know that lots of the Maui Tropical Plantation. The husband played his ukulele and sang me a song while his wife wove my basket out of palm fronds. I think of them every time I warm rolls in that basket.

    This sort of demonstration draws buyers to your booth and makes them want to take a piece of you home with them.

  5. Offer a variety of sizes, colors (if applicable) and prices. Vacationers may want something small they can pack into their luggage.

    Put a sign on your table letting people know that you would be happy to ship any purchases to their door.

    Be sure to have some small items which are less expensive than most of your other pieces to attract the bargain hunters.

  6. Sell yourself. This is the last and most important of my craft show tips and the key to capturing the craft show market.

    People who buy handicrafts are warm and real. They want to buy crafts made by warm, real people like themselves.

    Wear your heart on your sleeve a little bit. They will love you for it.

    Share your story. Your personal struggles are the most interesting thing about you. The story of how you managed to triumph over them will inspire your customers. They will want to share in your victory--or help you achieve it, as the case may be--by buying your work.

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