5 Craft Business Ideas

Earn Yummy Money Making Candy Bouquets!

Looking for craft business ideas that will get your creative juices flowing? These 5 craft and home business ideas are sure to motivate you to start making money with a home craft business now.

Small business craft ideas are everywhere. You just have to train yourself to see them.

A great way to brainstorm craft business ideas is to follow trends in home decor and in human behavior.

A craft and home business idea that ties in with a new decorating or social trend has an excellent chance of succeeding in the marketplace.

Let the following craft home business ideas inspire you to think of traditional crafts in new ways.

Soon, your mind will be swirling with so many profitable craft business ideas that you won't know which to try first.

5 Home Business Craft Ideas

Church Parishioners in White and Fancy Hats
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1. Church Lady Hats. 1 Corinthians 11:10 states, "For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels."

Many Christians interpret this to mean that women should cover their hair when attending church services. The practice of wearing a hat to church seems to have fallen into disfavor with the majority of Christian women but there is still a sizable minority wearing them.

This represents a big work from home opportunity for hat makers.

The market for this craft business idea consists of women in Baptist and Sanctified churches. I grew up in the Baptist church and it seems to me that the bigger and more artistic the hat is, the better these ladies like them.

In the photo above, all the hats are white. This picture must have been taken on a 1st Sunday. Many church ladies dress in white on the 1st Sunday of each month so you can be sure of a market for white hats.

The rest of the month, hats of every color in the rainbow are on display in sanctuaries throughout the nation.

This is a niche market that no big designer is catering to. Consequently, church hats are not all that easy to find.

Sunday Conversation
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Exhibit your creations in craft shows near big city Baptist churches and get the word out to your prospective customers that you are making and selling church hats. They will be sure to stop by your booth.

Also, consider giving private showings in your home by appointment only. You could have craft business cards printed up with the details.

A related craft business idea is to make chapel scarves. These are, easy-to-make, lace head coverings that many Sanctified ladies wear in lieu of a hat.

Most women today lack sewing skills, so they are more than happy to buy these as well.

Ozark Woman Holds a Basket of Handmade Rag Dolls
Ozark Woman Holds a Basket of Handmade Rag Dolls

Photographic Print
Stewart, B....

2. Dolls. There is a fairly big market for porcelain dolls and a smaller niche market for cloth dolls. The best place to market both types is at retail doll shows.

Like any other artist, a doll maker needs to build a reputation and a following. Try to capture your customer's email addresses so that you can let them know when you make additions to your line and book shows in their neighborhoods.

3. Quilts. This is a very versatile craft business idea. You can sell finished quilts, quilt kits, invest in a quilting machine and machine quilt the quilt that others make. Another way to make money with this craft is to rent an inexpensive space (try your local library or senior center) and teach quilting classes.

You could teach the class in your home if you have an appropriate space.

If you have the interest an sufficient capital, you could open up a quilt shop and sell quilting supplies. Most quilt shop owners also use the space to teach classes. The shop helps them to sell the classes and the classes help sell supplies.

Doll House Interior, Georgian Style
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4. Doll House Miniatures. You can sell kits, classes, or finished items. There are collectors who buy anything from doll houses to hand made rugs for doll house floors.

Making doll house minis will transport you back to your childhood.

Market your "toys" at miniatures shows and conventions.

Never pass up the chance to teach a round robin. These are simple workshops where people buy the kit to make the miniature you are teaching, then all the students sit at a round table and make up the kits following your easy instructions.

When my mom was alive, we used to go to these shows and do as many round robins as time allowed for. They were so much fun and the kits rarely cost more than a few bucks each.


Art Print
Paulsen, Carol
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5. Aprons and baking mix. Pot holders, oven mitts and jars of soup mix fit right in with this last craft and home business idea.

Rent space at local craft shows or better flea markets. Offer samples of the cookies or brownies you mixes make. The soup can be kept hot in a crock pot.

The samples will draw traffic to your display. The yummy flavors will convince them to take a mix or 2 home.

Display an apron and a jar of soup mix together in a gift box or bag to encourage people to buy sets.

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