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A list of companies hiring at home workers. All of these companies offer legitimate free work from home jobs.

Check back from time to time, as I will be adding companies as I discover them.

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  • Capital Typing is currently seeking qualified people for free at home jobs including secretarial, medical, legal and general transcription, language translation, online customer support and data entry.

  • DionData Solutions- You must type at least 60 wpm and have good computer skills to obtain a home vendor position.

  • Expedict- A UK based company that hires home "audio typists". They do not offer data entry positions and require top notch spelling and grammar skills.

  • KeyForCash- Straight data entry.

  • QuickTate- Type at home jobs. You'll need good transcription skills (the ability to type what you hear) for these but no professional transcription training or certification is required.

  • Working Solutions- Data entry, jobs in customer service and tech support.

  • Jobs In Customer Service

  • Alpine Access

  • Custom Loyal

  • LiveOps

  • Frontline 4 Hire

  • Ver-A-Fast

  • VIPdesk

  • Capital Typing

  • Working Solutions

  • West At Home

  • Time Communications

  • Virtual Assistant Employment

  • Office Details- VAs and Virtual Concierges

  • VIP Desk- Concierge and virtual call center jobs

  • Team Double Click- Go to the "current job openings" page.

  • Telemarketing

  • Team Double Click - The "current job openings" page is what you want.

  • Companies Looking For Secret Shoppers

    There are at least 400 companies looking for secret shoppers. This is a short list of the companies I was able to find by just searching on the Internet. I've only listed the ones I was able to find some good feedback on. As always, do your own due diligence before signing up with any online entity.

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    A list of legitamate work at home jobs. Click on each link to go to a page with complete information about how to get that job. These are jobs where you will be working for a company as their employee. Most of these jobs pay by the hour and many offer benefits.

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