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Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed
Cassatt, Mary
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Why Should Christian Moms Work From Home?

Young women face many dangers in today's world. This is characteristic of the times we live in. The evening news is replete with stories of all the unkind and sometimes evil things people do to one another on a daily basis.

As strong and capable as we may be, women are physically more vulnerable to harm.

There are 2 problems with working an outside job:

  1. Getting to and from it. The safest mode of transport for a woman alone is a private car. Unless you have to park in an alley or an unguarded parking garage and will have to walk to and from your vehicle alone.

    With the rising cost of gas, you may be considering public transportation. Think very carefully about this. In some cities the buses are not safe.

    I remember riding a public bus with my mother in New York some years ago. While we were aboard, 1 passenger was attached by another passenger who wanted her seat. The driver did nothing. It was quite shocking.

    I also have a cousin who was sexually assaulted while walking from her Manhattan office building to the commuter train. Her attacker was lying in wait between buildings. He grabbed her as she passed.

    Both these events took place during daylight hours. Christian work from home jobs are safe.

  2. Surviving the foolishness that goes on in the office. Women are not treated or paid equally in the workplace.

    Sexual harassment is still alive and well. A young mother who needs to provide for her family is easy prey. The bible tells us that, in the last days, evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse.

    And they have.

    So much for womens' rights. Christian women need Christian work from home jobs!

Aside from the physical threats, there are moral perils.

When you work around worldly people, your spirit will be constantly grieved by their conversation and their way of life. They will constantly be trying to involve you in their intrigues.

Good Morning Let The Stress Begin

Good Morning Let The Stress Begin
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Why put yourself through this when there are Christian work from home jobs you can do?

Christian Work From Home Jobs and
The Work From Home Revolution

Young Woman Sitting Cross-Legged and Using Laptop in Bed

Young Woman Sitting Cross-Legged and Using Laptop in Bed
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Many women, of all faiths, are fed up with the situation I have just described. They realize that the safest, most comfortable place for a woman is at home.

They want or need to be available to their family at various times throughout the day. They want to take care of their own children and not expose them to the risks of daycare.

More and more ladies are making the smart choice to find honest work at home jobs.

Work from home Christian moms can join the work from home revolution and start adding to their family's bottom line.

Finding Christian Work From Home Jobs

Laptop Computer, Cd-Rom, Cup of Tea, and Books

Laptop Computer, Cd-Rom, Cup of Tea, and Books
Kamp, Eric
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This website is full of work from home Christian jobs. I do not promote get rich quick schemes or scams. I do not promote any illegal work at home jobs.

This is why many of the work from home opportunities you see posted around the Internet are not represented here.

I decided, a long time ago, that I would manage on whatever I could honestly obtain. I do not believe in ripping people off and I will not encourage others to do so either. All the great work at home jobs listed on Homemade Money Guide are appropriate for Christians.

To make it easier for you to find Christian from home mom work, I'm going to list some of the best work at home job ideas for women with young children below:

Great Christian Work From Home Opportunity

Leapforce is a company that is looking to hire independent contractors to perform search engine evaluations from their homes.

If you love the Internet like I do, this is a very exciting opportunity. What you would actually be doing is reviewing web sites for quality and relevance to the search term that the engine is serving them for.

You need a degree (if you are working on a degree that's fine too) and a high speed Internet connection, excellent language and online research skills.

Leapforce pays by the hour ($11+). You have no set schedule but work as many or as few hours as you want to.

I would apply myself but I don't meet the educational requirements.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Many women with administrative assistant or secretarial skills are making great money freelancing as virtual assistants.

If you are organized and have good computer and people skills, check this out.

Freelance Proofreading Jobs

If you enjoy reading and have excellent knowledge of English spelling and grammar, proofing other people's written materials may be perfect Christian from home moms work for you.

Today's search engines are demanding better quality than ever before. The days of ranking web pages full of spelling errors and broken English are over.

Web publishers often need someone trustworthy to proof their articles before they post them. Could that someone be you?

Online Freelance Work

If you have programming skills, work from home computer jobs are just a few clicks away. seems to be the go-to site for technically impaired webmasters who need to outsource this lucrative work.

Demand Studios is the place to go for freelance writing assignments.

They pay as much as $15 per article. How much that comes to per hour depends on how fast you write. Many of their writers claim to be able to write an article in less than 1 hour.

You have the choice of working for a flat fee or for a share of the revenue your published article generates. Payment is made twice per week via PayPal.

Editing jobs are also available.

Become A Secret Shopper

Get paid to eat and shop!

Mystery shopping assignments are Christian work from home jobs you will have to leave your house to complete.

The upside is that you can often take hubby and/or the kids with you. You just have to get the little ones to understand that they can't tell anyone than mommy is a secret shopper.

Mystery shopping companies really do pay you. I am a silver certified shopper and I have never had a secret shopping company fail to pay me for a completed assignment so don't worry about this.

Sell Your Crafts Online

If you love to create, to make things with your own 2 hands, selling crafts online could be the ideal Christian work at home job for you.

There are countless online venues where you can market your handmade wares and make money making crafts.

Work At Home Assembly Jobs

Home assembly jobs are perfect Christian work from home jobs for moms who want to make, but not sell, crafts.

You assemble items for a company and they pay you (by the piece) for the finished crafts. How much you make at this depends on how quickly you work.

Experienced craftspeople will make considerably more than novices.

Disciple's Cross is a home assembly company offering a Christian work from home opportunity you may be interested in.

You'll Find More Christian Work at Home Jobs Here

Time Management Tips For Moms Who Work From Home
Moms who work from home face special challenges. Chief among these is the difficulty of finding time to get your paying work done when there is so much "mom" work constantly beckoning.

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Moms that work from home--or want to--will find legitimate work at home ideas here. Any of the opportunities on this page could be successful Christian home businesses for stay at home moms.

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