10 Best Selling Crafts
Top Crafts That Sell

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10 best selling crafts. Top selling crafts you will enjoy making and profiting from. Crafts to sell on eBay, at craft fairs or flea markets. A great way to make money making craft projects without doing much selling.

Making and selling crafts can be a very rewarding way to make a living or earn extra cash. I have such fond memories of the years I spent doing craft assembly work for a women's clothing designer and a teddy bear artist.

I like to sew, so it was fun for me to help the ladies who ran these companies make their best selling crafts. The great thing about home assembly work was that I didn't have to do any selling. I just made the items and the company paid me for each finished piece.

I have also made and sold my own crafts. This is the better way to go if you want to make the maximum amount of profit on each item and you don't mind setting up booths at craft fairs or posting your crafts online.

The difference in income between these 2 approaches is significant.

If you just want a part time income, a few hundred dollars per month, do the assembly at home. But if you want to make a living selling homemade crafts, sell your crafts on eBay or other websites or at craft fairs.

What follows is a list of 10 best selling crafts. Let this list inspire you. Let it guide your decision about selling crafts but when you make your final decision about what craft to make and sell, do not copy another craftperson's work.

Look at what other artists in your niche are selling but make your craft items unique.

This will keep you from being sued for copyright infringement.

Original crafts will sell much more briskly than cookie-cutter items. Once you develop your own unique best selling craft item, you will appreciate the protection that copyright law offers you in keeping other crafters from copying your design.

  1. Handmade Greeting Cards. These are so cute! Better yet, they are quick and easy to make. And you can sell them for the same price as mass produced greeting cards. This makes handmade cards an easy sell.

    Think about it.

    If you have a choice between something mass produced or something handmade for the same price, which would you buy?

    Primitive White House
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  2. Primitive Painted Items. People who live in historic houses or who wish they lived in a period home love to decorate with primitives.

    If this is your favorite style of decor, you will find it a pleasure to be surrounded by your inventory. Storage will never be a problem. Just use the crafts to decorate your own home until they are sold.

  3. Perfume Oils and Scented Body Care Products. Keep it natural. People are obsessed with natural ingredients in personal care products. If you enjoy fragrances, this could be the perfect craft home based business for you.

  4. Halloween Crafts. This is one of the most searched for craft categories on eBay. All Hallows Eve is many people's favorite holiday and they like to deck their homes out for it.

  5. Cross Stitch or Embroidery. You can sell finished items or make up kits. If you like to do cross stitch, you will probably enjoy making and selling the finished items.

    Focus on small items you can purchase inexpensively and add your needlework to like baby bibs or dish towels.

    Log Cabin Quilt Design, Lynnwood, Washington, USA
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  6. Quilts. I have been making and collecting handmade quilts for many years now. My grandmothers were quilters and I just love them. Perhaps they remind me of my grandmas.

    There are 2 groups of people you can market quilt crafts to: quilters and quilt collectors. You can design a quilt and then sell the instructions to make it to other quilters. Quilt collectors will want finished quilts.

    Make a variety of sizes. One quilt square in a frame will be quicker to make and less expensive to buy than a bed-sized quilt. If you are new to quilting, try making rag quilts. They are easy and much more forgiving of beginner mistakes.

  7. Handmade Soap. Artisan soap is tied into the trend toward natural beauty care products. Create your own natural fragrances using pure essential oils and pay close attention to packaging.

    Consider making sampler soap sets out of your scraps. This will allow new customers to try a variety of soaps before making a big investment. It will also give you the opportunity to sell your scraps at a profit.

  8. Craft Supplies. This is an easy way for someone who is not that good at making crafts to start a craft business. If you have access to Hawaiian koa wood, sea or beach glass or other uncommon craft supplies you could make a comfortable living buying and reselling craft supplies to other home crafters.

  9. Craft kits for kids. Teachers and moms are always looking for easy craft projects for their children. Your own kids can help you to brainstorm something exciting you can put together quickly and sell at a price that will fit mom's budget.

    Back View of Woman Sitting and Tying Leather Corset
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  10. Leatherwork. Bags, bracelets, key chains and belts are all best selling crafts. This ties into the trend toward natural materials. Uniqueness is the key to making fast sales.

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