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Discover how assembly at home can turn your passion for crafting cute and useful items into dollars. If you enjoy making crafts or working with your hands, home assembly could be the perfect work from home opportunity for you.

How to find the right work from home craft company to earn quick cash with.

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Work from Home Assembling Crafts

Work at home assembly jobs are easy work at home jobs as long as you have lots of experience making crafts. If you’ve never made crafts before, you should try your hand at it before attempting to do assembly at home work.

You may find that it isn’t as easy as it seems at first glance. A certain amount of manual dexterity is necessary. If you have arthritis in your hands, you may not be able to assemble the crafts quickly or well enough to make this a profitable enterprise.

If the items you will be assembling are small, good eyesight will also be needed.

For someone with years of knowledge and experience, this is a good way to make easy money at home.

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Finding the Right Work from Home Craft Company

There are at least 200 craft companies that use remote workers to assemble products at home. What most of them do is put together kits for each of the craft items they sell. People who want to work from home assembling crafts order the kit or kits they wish to assemble.

Now these companies are in business to make a profit. They will not send kits out to people they do not know for free. You know how people are.

If any work from home craft company ever tried this tactic, they would be quickly driven out of business by all the freebie seekers.

They charge for these materials. They have to. Most legitimate companies have a refund policy so read the fine print before you place your order.

Since the kits cost money, you’ll want to be fairly certain you can assemble it properly before you order it. The companies won’t pay for items that are not well made.

The best approach is to stay with whatever medium you are most familiar with. For example, if you have been sewing for the past 20 years a wooden product may not be the best fit for you.

Sewing skills do not necessarily translate into woodworking.

You may not need to find a craft item that is sewn together, but chose things that are made of fabric since you’ve got lots of experience there.

What Does Assembly at Home Pay ?

The craft company will pay you so much for each completed kit you return to them. The dollar amounts vary from project to project. They are very upfront about how much they pay so you’ll know how much you can make before you order a kit.

If the rate is $1 per item, the amount you earn per hour will be dictated by how many items you can assemble in an hour.

Experience matters here. There is a vast difference between the time it takes an experienced crafter to assemble an item and the time it takes a novice.

Don’t be discouraged if your first item takes a very long time. You have to make something at least 10 times before you start to build speed.

I have been crafting for many years. I’ve worked as an independent contractor for small craft businesses and I’ve run my own craft work from home business. I speak from experience here.

Don’t even bother timing yourself until you’ve made at least 10 of the item and feel that you’ve got it down.

Assembly at home jobs can be great retirement jobs. I know of a retried lady who has been doing home assembly work for several years. She loves it. The work is enjoyable to her and her years of craft making experience have honed her skills to the point where her finished kits always pass inspection with the work from home craft company.

She can work as much or as little as she wants to. She uses the $600 she makes each month to supplement her retirement income.Assembly from home job work could also be a great way for crafty moms at home to earn money while the kids are in school.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you will need is a list of legitimate work from home craft companies.

You can search for companies online by typing "home assembly companies" or "home craft companies" into a search engine.

You'll need to go to the website of each company that interests you and look through their offerings.

Most craft companies will tell you if a project is suitable for beginners or if you need experience to complete it.

Make it easy on yourself.

Pick one that is designed for beginners.

Once you receive your kit, don't rush through it. Take your time. Read the instructions--twice! Take the time to make sure you put it together properly.

Does your finished item look like something you would pay for if it had been made by a perfect stranger? It is very hard to judge your own work this harshly but you must if you want to succeed at assembly at home.

When you are satisfied that your item matches the sample or the picture on the website, complete the rest and send them back to the company.

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