Start An Aromatherapy Home Based Business

An aromatherapy home based business is one of the best make money at home ideas for artistic, intuitive, heart-driven people. Tips for getting your home fragrance business off the ground.

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Perfume making is intuitive. More art than science.

Daphne Moss of The Sweet Smell of Success says that "Fragrances want to be created."

There are two avenues of expression you can pursue with an aromatherapy business:

  • PURELY THERAPEUTIC - using your knowledge of the effect of natural scents.

  • ARTISAN PERFUMERY - using your creativity to develop exciting new fragrances that provoke an emotional response.

  • Starting A Perfume Business May Be Therapeutic For The Scentrepreneur

    Imagine your days as a perfumer... Spirits uplifted, surrounded by natural fragrances... While you're blending scents for your perfume oil business, the oils will be working their therapeutic magic on you.

    *Tip: Dilute essential oils (1-5% oil in a base) before you begin blending or the fragrances may be too intense to work comfortably with.

    If you are a fragrance enthusiast or a perfume hobbyist, you may already know what to do to turn your passion for fragrance into a profitable aromatherapy business.

    If you have not been blending scents just for fun, here's how you can start an aromatherapy business:

    Get Your Aromatherapy Home Business Off The Ground

    Learn the effects of different essential oils by taking an online aromatherapy course.

    Monetize that knowledge by writing articles about using aromatherapy to relieve stress, recover from illness, calm anxiety, elevate mood, etc. Include a short bio and a link to your aromatherapy business website.

    Make Money At Home Ideas For Your Perfume Oil Business

  • Teach a perfume blending workshop either online or at your home or both!

  • Have perfume parties. Of course you won't just sell perfume oil, but scented body butters, lotions and bath salts. You could custom blend fragrances for the party guests to impress them into purchasing more products.

  • Running An Aromatherapy Home Based Business

    You can run an aromatherapy home based business from your home by focusing your marketing efforts into selling you product line via your website. You can also do the in home parties.

    Expanding out of the home environment, you can sell at farmer's and flea markets or even get a cart in the local mall.

    A small store might be the perfect place for you to teach workshops if you don't have the right kind of space in your home. Though, if this is the only reason you need a space, there's no reason to carry a lease on a store. Contact your local library. They usually have meeting rooms they will rent out for a very reasonable price.

    Find more information about blending, marketing and the best wholesale oil sources here.

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