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Provide Non Emergency Medical Transportation

What are ambulettes? Non-emergency medical transport is a unique small business opportunity. Start up costs for non emergency ambulance services. Regulations governing special needs transportation.

With the elderly population of the U.S. set to double by 2030, you'd think ambulettes services would be the fastest growing small businesses opportunity around.

But they aren't.

Hardly anybody knows about them.

Most people who are looking for a business to start have never heard of them.

In fact, most people in general have little awareness of non emergency medical transportation services.

That's because it's the kind of service you don't think about until you need it.

I only became aware of these vital services after my dear mother suffered an acute stroke. I don't know what we would have done if there hadn't been any non emergency medical transportation available in our area.

That this money making opportunity is not something every entrepreneur knows about is a good thing if you're thinking about going into this very profitable business.

There's a great chance that there isn't too much competition in your local area.

What Are Ambulettes?

An ambulette is a van used for non emergency medical transportation.

Vans are the only vehicle used because the vehicle has to accommodate people in wheelchairs and (less frequently) on stretchers.

Will I need to hire someone with special training to drive my ambulette?

No. Ambulettes are not ambulances.

If you can safely drive a passenger van, you have all the qualifications required to drive an ambulette.

As the owner of a non emergency medical transportation service, you will not be providing any medical services to your passengers. So you don't need any medical training.

2012 Update:

As more ambulettes businesses start up around the U.S. some municipalities are beginning to require that ambulette drivers have basic training in first aid and CPR.

This training is quick, easy and inexpensive to obtain.

What qualifications do I have to have to make my non emergency ambulance services successful?

You'll be surprised how little it takes.

Legal regulations governing non emergency medical transportation

These will vary from state to state. You will need to contact the department of transportation (DOT) in the state in which you plan to operate the business to find out what the regs are.

They will have more to do with the vehicle than the driver.

So wait until you find out what features the DOT requires your van to have before you buy one.

Learn Start Up Costs For Non Emergency Ambulance Services

Non emergency ambulance services are surprisingly inexpensive to start.

Especially for a business with the potential for such amazing growth and profit!

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