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Ever spend hours scouring the net looking for work from home opportunities? The information is out there in cyberspace--you know it is!--but you could easily spend weeks gathering it all up. Most of the work from home sites seem intent on dispensing information by the thimbleful.

Frustrating, huh?

Well, not anymore! That's why I started; to put information about the great variety of work from home opportunities under one "roof".

My name is Faith and I've been working out of my house for the past fifteen years or so. Over that time I've done a lot of different things. From working as an independent contractor for a teddy bear company to writing web content.

How do I find these work from home opportunities?

Mainly by scouring the net. I love the Internet. I practically live online. But trying to find legitimate work from home opportunities online is a daunting task even for an Internet junkie like me. I figure, if it's tough for me, other people must find it difficult as well. exists to make this information more accessible.

Who is for?

Anyone who wants to make money, either at home or by using their residence as a base of operations (from home).

  • Maybe you're a parent who wants to stay home with your kids and save the cost of day care.
  • Or a retiree who lost much of your nest-egg when the stock market crashed.
  • Maybe your job was a casualty of the recession and you need a fresh start.
  • Perhaps you're a recent graduate looking for work in the worst job market we've seen in 20 years.
  • Maybe, like me, you have health issues that prevent you from working a "normal" job.
  • You get my drift. People from all walks of life are seeking work from home opportunities for many different reasons.

    At you'll find information about what it takes to start and run a home based business where you can be your own boss as well as information about working from home for a brick and mortar company either as an employee or as an independent contractor if that better suits your needs.

    What's the catch?

    There isn't one.

    You don't have to join anything or even register to gain full access to the site.

    All the information I give you through is free. There is even a page with free work from home opportunities. However, in all the years I've been working from home, I've discovered that there really isn't any absolutely free way to make money.

    Any type of work you decide to do will require certain tools or equipment.

    Maybe you already have all the equipment you need. If not, you will have to borrow or purchase it.

    You may need to have your resume looked over and tweaked by a professional resume service. You might need to obtain a GED or take a typing course. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find and qualify for free courses.

    If not, you'll have to pay for these; but these are small investments that can pay you big dividends very quickly.

    You won't find any get rich quick schemes on this site. Like most other things in life, what you get out of these opportunities is directly proportionate to what you put into them.

    Two people can pursue the exact same work from home opportunity. One makes a full-time income while the other barely manages to squeeze out a part-time income.

    What makes the difference?

    One plans her work and then works her plan diligently while the other takes a more casual approach, only working when she feels like it.

    I don't mean to suggest that the second approach won't work at all. There are some opportunities that are flexible enough to allow you to only work them when you want to.

    You can make money with these. But it may be unrealistic to expect to make a living in this fashion.

    Many work from home opportunities have full-time income potential. Realizing that potential will most likely require you to work at them on a full-time basis.

    Most work from home opportunities can be tailored to fit your schedule. Only please remember that, just like with an "outside" job, more work equals more money.

    Working from home offers a level of freedom and convenience that a clock-punching job can never match.

    For me, it's the only way to work!

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